VEGAN DEBATE (Spoiler: He Agrees With Everything Veganism Stands For)

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I was really curious to know what it is that still holds people back of a plant-based lifestyle, so decided to go do some street interviews!

It was really interesting and fun to do, I’ll be doing this more!

The most common comment I got was nutrition.

Followed by tradition and taste.

The first one really surprised me, I thought everyone knew that eating meat, especially nowadays where it’s full of antibiotics, isn’t healthy at all.

And that everyone had watched the awesome doc “game changers”…

So, it was a great wake-up call again, as many people aren’t aware yet that we do need protein, but not from animals.

I was expecting a bit more backlash, as Spain is a quite big meat-eating country.

5 people were interviewed, and each one agreed with the idea of veganism…

But still weren’t reducing their intake of animal products.

Honestly, nowadays, it’s not that hard anymore, at all…

There are just so many options to choose from.

And you don’t have to go all in at once, take it step by step, that’s the best way to go about it for most of us.

I think it’s good to learn as a vegan what might be holding people back so that we can do something about it :).

This was fun, I’ll be repeating this!

Big thank you to all the people who joined me, and a special thanks to @kevbased for helping me film the interviews.

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