Silken Tofu from Soy Milk

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I specially made this recipe for those who can’t get silken tofu close to them. This is specially the case in belgium, it’s hard to find silken tofu there hha.

Luckily, it’s so easy and quick to make! You only need two ingredients to make your own silken tofu.

You can use this silken tofu for several desserts like our chocolate mouse or a vegan ricotta.

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 10 min Rest Time 40 min Total Time 1 hr Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


Ever wanted to make our vegan chocolate mousse that uses silken tofu but couldn't because you can't find silken tofu where you live? Well, this recipe is what you needed!



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  1. Start by heating up one liter of soy milk, don't get it boiling, but right to 80C/175F. You can use a thermometer for this or in case you have a special finger just like me, you can use that :p.

    To visually do this: just look at when your milk starts to smoke and feels hot but is not boiling. This should be about 80C.

  2. Next add in the juiced lemon, if your lemon is minimal or has little juice add a bit more. In general, you will need 1 lemon per liter of soy milk.

  3. Mix slightly (use a wooden or plastic spoon, not metal) and then let it sit and coagulate. You should let it sit for about 10 minutes, and it should be done.

  4. Next, transfer the tofu to a cheese cloth to separate the tofu from the liquid. Let it drain and cool down for an hour or so.

  5. Once cooled down, continue to pressing out all the remaining juice so you get left with plain silken tofu.

  6. Transfer the tofu to a plate and start using it or put it in the fridge for a while.


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