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Add the green tofu press to your order for just $19.95 (a 40% discount). We will ship it with other items for FREE.
Tofu Press & Marinating box | 2-in-1 tofu pressing tool

Adding an extra tofu press can be useful as a gift for a friend, or even for yourself. It’s always handy to have a second option for when you have some visitors coming over!

Send the gift to your loved ones

Want to gift someone the key πŸ”‘ to exquisite, top restaurant level tofu? 🀀

Or just give them a hint, a helping hand on their journey to eating more cruelty free and healthy? ✨

This is the perfect gift for any conscious foodie! πŸŽπŸ’

Just super! Very well-thought-out, easy to clean, extremely practical - and the tofu tastes so much better! Apart from the fact that I now actually buy a second press for us, I will supply all vegan people in my circle of friends with it.

Thank you!

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