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Meal Planning Mastery 101

why take this course?

Learn To Cook 15+ Meals Under 2 Hours!

Are you struggling to cook healthy meals?

You aren't achieving your nutritional goals?

Do you want to try out the vegan diet?

Or just want to learn how to create your own meal plan and effectively meal prep?

Save Time

Planning out your meals and a weekly meal prep are huge. You will be amazed!

Save Money

Going to the mall without a plan, grocery list, ends up... I think you know 😉.

Achieve Your Goals

Have you been wanting to lose weight? Have more time to do more of what you love?

Eliminate Stress

Stop stressing and thinking about what you will eat throughout the week.

Start with eating the right foods and achieve your nutritional goals.

Invest in your skills rather than your tools

What You Will Learn
Day 1 - Day 7

free meal plan

Day 1 - The Basics of Meal Planning and Prepping

On day 1 we will cover all the basics like what types of meal prep there are, which the best one is and what equipment you should have.


Day 2 - The 5 Main Food Groups

Day 2 will be a bit about nutrition and the 5 main food groups you should include in all of your meals. Nutrition is an important topic not be left out!

Day 3 - How To Structure your Meal Prep

Here we will cover the steps you should take and the general flow of a meal prep and with what kind of foods you should start to save time!


Day 4 - Achieving Your Goals (Calories, Macros, Nutrition)

If you have a question about nutrition and how you can start with getting your body where you want it to be, it will be covered in this lesson!

Day 5 - Building your Own Weekly Meal Plan

I will reveal to you the different ways there are to create your own meal plan and what the most effective way is. We will provide you with our favorite app and a few templates!


Day 6 - Supplements in a Vegan Diet - Do you Need Them?

There are many rumors etc. being told about the vegan diet, you will most definitely have heard about B12 deficiency etc. In this lesson we will cover all you should know.

Day 7 - Cooking your First Meal Plan - Putting It All Together

As this 7-day course is coming to and end, we will take everything we learned into practice and putt all the pieces together. Cooking our first meal plan together 🥳.

Bonus Videos

Bonus Video: How To Stay Motivated

It's normal for everyone to slack once in a while, but you should always aim at getting back. We will give you some tips and tricks to gain discipline, as you can't rely solely on motivation.

Bonus Video: What About Processed Foods?

You might have thought about all the vegan options laying in the supermarket nowadays. In this lesson we will clear your doubts.

Bonus Video: Meal Planning App Tutorial

To speed up your learning process with the meal planning app we made a short tutorial taking you over all the features.

Bonus E-Books And Templates

Bonus E-Book: Staples You Should Always Have

Staples are a huge part of meal prepping. It makes sure you don't have to be buying rice and beans every time you go shop.

Bonus E-Book: Spice Guide So You Can Start Dominating The Kitchen

Staples are a huge part of meal prepping. It makes sure you don't have to be buying rice and beans every time you go shop.

Bonus E-Book: All The Basic Equipment You Need

If you wonder what equipment you should have for your meal prep like containers, slow cooker, pans etc. refer to this guide.

Bonus Guide: Composing Your Own Meal: A-Z

A super simple guide showing you how to compose the perfect meal plan using the 5 food groups we discussed on day 2.

Bonus: Extra Meal Plan

You can actually use this meal plan or use it as a reference for composing your own meals. This way you can see how your meal plans should look like.

How To Create The Perfect Meal

Kitchen Essential Equipment

The Ultimate Spice Guide

All The Staples You Should Have

The 4 Bonus Guides

Here Is What People Are Saying

The meal plan is great really helped me get started super quickly!
Thanks to Sebastian's clear explanation I now know what I used to do wrong and can do it right this time!
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In the goal and identity setting, we help you determine the direction you want to go.

We’ll be helping you 1-on-1 so you can get clear on your goals and become the person you long to be!

We’ll help you define S.M.A.R.T. goals that are achievable and will give you a huge boost of confidence. This is a crucial part of any big task!

Yes, if you bought the course, and it did not help you, I don’t deserve your money. Keep in mind though that due to the transaction fees from PayPal, you might not receive 100% refund. If you paid with a credit card you get a full refund.

To issue a refund, contact me on my email: [email protected].

*Course cannot be completed for more than 40%.


You have lifetime access to the course and self-paced, so you are not required to follow the 7 days outlined.

Yes. If you have a family and cook for multiple people I strongly recommend taking this course, and taking your family with you on this healthy lifestyle.

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Start with eating the right foods and achieve your nutritional goals.

Invest in your skills rather than your tools
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