Full day of vegan eating

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Heya Bgang, here are some ideas for you! This is what I eat during a full day. in the vegan, gluten-free yoga center I’m currently volunteering at.

I start my day early in the morning at 5 am with a big glass of water (about 0.5L) and try to drink two of these before starting to eat to cleanse my body.

Then, by about 8-9 am I’ll have the first meal of the day which usually is just some oatmeal and muesli with fruit, soy milk, peanut butter and agave. Easy to make and full of nutrients!

11:30-12:00 is lunch time, here I’ll have a big salad, with some legumes. I’ll have whatever is on the menu that day.

16/00 is time for a snack or smoothie, depending on whether I feel hungry or not.

Final meal of the day is at 7 pm, and this again consists of a big meal with a salad and whatever is on the menu.

Hope you got some new meal ideas from this!


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