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The Bgang

Weโ€™re the team behind The Bgang, and we happen to be three siblings! Weโ€™re passionate about making this world a better place, and inspiring people to go vegan.


You can compare Anjali to the Einstein of the vegan Indian ktichen. Every single recipe goes viral. And her fabulous Indian accent also is some magical sauce!


She’s an expert at making amazing food pictures, and is always up-to-date with the latest vegan products. Her feed will make you hungry, you have been warned!

Cole Hashtings

Cole is the guy you need to look at for vegan fitness tips and tricks. He also has an amazing YouTube channel for those looking to become their best versions.

Sara Tercero

Sara is an absolute master chef, and any recipe we have tried making from her was an absolute keeper. Sheโ€™s a well known established cookbook author as well.


Farah loves sharing her day-
to-day life, while inspiring anyone she can to take part in a vegan lifestyle. Watching her stories will always make you giggle.

Hannah McLaughlin

Hannah is a long time vegan
(9 years!), and loves sharing her day-to-day life to inspire people to live a better lifestyle.
Youโ€™ll catch her often in the gym.

Jodie Downes

Jodie is a vegan food
enthusiast and loves cooking
up a storm in the kitchen.
She’s also an avid restaurant/food/vegan stuff reviewer, sharing vegan love!


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