The Benefits of eating with chopsticks

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Believe it or not, eating with chopsticks can have many benefits, ranging from agility to health! I recently started using them to eat my salad after seeing a friend eat with them.

I asked him why he was eating with chopsticks. He was doing it to be more present when eating, and agility. He was using his left hand as a right-handed person!

The 4 main benefits you can have from eating chopstick are:

1. Weight loss

Because you can’t eat at the same speed when using a fork, using chopsticks is a great way to eat in a calmer way.

2. Lowering the glycemic index of food

3. Coordination training

You can use your left hand to train your brain!

4. Reduced risk of chocking (because choking in your food is so common, am I right)

According to this article, there is even a reduced risk of choking ๐Ÿ˜…. I did not come up with this one!

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