The Bgang

Pesto Sandwich With Tempeh

If you love pasta pesto, you will LOVE this pesto sandwich with tempeh. Super simple, so flavourful and high in protein. Roasting them gives the bread a nice crust 🤤. What do you prefer, a pesto sandwich or a pasta pesto? Let us know 🙌.

The Best Vegan Rice Pudding

Creamy, dreamy, and bursting with sweetness and a hint of cinnamon! This luscious vegan rice pudding is easy to make and delicious hot or cold. You’d never guess it was dairy-free! We used dessert rice which is a medium grain rice. This type of rice produces moist,… Read More »The Best Vegan Rice Pudding

Mini Vegan Cheese Cakes

Nothing says I love you like these Mini Vegan Cheese Cakes, especially since the’re vegan! These delicious cheesecake bites are the perfect treat for Valentine’s Day and for anyone who, like me, can’t live without their weekly sweet treat! For the base we used Lotus… Read More »Mini Vegan Cheese Cakes