Vegan Mexican Red Enchiladas

This traditional Mexican dish, aka red enchilads is one of the first things I will on my next trip to Mexico! Food is so much more than good taste. It brings up so much child memories! What’s your favorite childhood dish? Let me know 😀⬇.

Easy Vegan Lasagna Recipe

Yessss it’s finaly here, The Bgang vegan lasagna! I know you have been waiting for this one now go make it 🤩. We used the previous two recipes published on our page: vegan béchamel sauce and high-protein bolognese. Perfect for the weekend, so you can… Read More »Easy Vegan Lasagna Recipe

Creamy Eggplant Dip With Yogurt and Spices

I’m a BIG fan of dips like hummus, guacamole, salsa verde… this creamy eggplant dip makes my top three dips easily! If I had to choose between baba ganoush and this eggplant dip, I would each time go for this one.